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From the Desk of Jeff Morris...

How can we do more? We always work hard every day to provide superior and personalized warehousing and transportation services for our valued customers. And then it came to me!

Each month, we receive numerous industry related magazines, pitches from vendors, financial institutions, and other assorted entities both in our mail box and in our inbox. Some days, there's little or no time to sort it all out.

So, I understand how you feel when you are inundated each day with a mountain of "stuff". And that's before you really get down to business.

It is our goal therefore, to make sure that whatever we send out to you will be of additional value to you and your business. There will always be something industry related to think about whether it's regulatory issues and/or changes, information about the economy, or helpful resources.

And that's why we reprinted an excellent article by Cristina Commendatore from "Fleet Owner in our Commercial Cartage Spring 2017 e-zine. Cristina's article hit my inbox the other day and really grabbed my attention. The topic of safety on America's roads and driving while distracted is so important, we reprinted the results of the National safety Council (NSC) survey that she spotlighted.

As responsible members of the warehousing and transportation industry, our goal is to update you with recent helpful industry information. And if you have any important industry information worth passing along, please let us know so we can all share and benefit.

Best regards,

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