Commercial Cartage has been in the trucking and warehousing business since 1961 - before computers, fax machines, smart phones and emails. While these technological developments have dramatically improved our lives and our ability to communicate with and serve our customers, they can also cause great harm when used improperly while driving.

Safety and security on our roads has always been a key training component in the trucking industry. This recent study by the National Safety Council applies not only to professional truck drivers, but to anyone who is behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

The National Safety Council has identified some of the top driver behaviors and beliefs that put all roadway users at risk and increase the likelihood of being involved in a crash. According to the NSC, some of the top distressing things drivers do - or believe they can do include:

  • 47% of drivers believe it is safe to send a text either manually or via voice-dictation systems.
  • 45% say they feel pressure from employers to check email while driving; however, 44 percent say they have crashed in the last three years while they were either commuting or traveling for business.
  • 35% of teens would use social media behind the wheel.
  • 17% of teens feel their own distraction may have contributed to a crash.
  • 71% believe they can have up to 3 drinks before they are not safe or too impaired to drive.
  • 33% believe it is acceptable to drive with less than four hours of sleep. The NSC notes that drivers who are tired can be as impaired as drivers who are legally drunk.
  • 32% say new cars can essentially drive themselves.
  • 13% have driven after using marijuana in the last month.

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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